Empowerment Technology Exercises

Exercise 1

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Exercise 2

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Exercise 3

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Exercise 4

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Exercise 5

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Exercise 6

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Exercise 7

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Exercise 8

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Exercise 9

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Exercise 10

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 Exercise 11

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Exercise 12

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Exercise 13 

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Exercise 14 

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Exercise 15

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Exercise 16

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Exercise 17 

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Exercise 18 

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Exercise 19

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Exercise 20

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Exercise 21

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Exercise 22

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Exercise 23

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Exercise 24

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Information Technology

Since the emergence of computers and the World Wide Web, humans have taken huge leaps in the changes of their lifestyles and took advantage of its benefits. We rely much of our works and tasks on the products of the advancements of technology and one of the best example is the utilization of Information Technology.

Information Technology is said to be the application of computers to store, study, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data. Humans have been storing, retrieving, manipulating, and communicating for numerous years since the emergence of its civilizations in parts of the world and as time went by changes and improvements have occurred until this time where we have these modern ways.

Through Information Technology, humans can now access and store in the near limitless cache of information easily and faster. Communicating which is one of the mostly used of the product of IT wherein faster and easier access of it were made possible by the multiple servers linked on the Web. All these things can be done by anyone even if you don’t have the knowledge of professionals.

Information Technology has been also utilized nowadays in different aspects of life from fields of education and health to the working industry and the world’s economy and its use have been of great help of boosting the quality and ease of living but with its complexity and the continuous improvements of this aspect were made possible by the insatiable hunger for knowledge and comfort of the human minds.


Christmas to be explained?

                                      Celebrating Christmas was always a chore to me, I mean not that I’m being against it. It’s just that, why celebrate if to you, Christmas is nothing but a holiday to be celebrated?.

                                      Christmas? Christmas to me is not just to put a Christmas tree as a decoration. But that Christmas tree, creates color and is the perfect place to put the star that led the 3 king to where Jesus, our savior, was. It’s also the perfect hide out for presents. What’s with the lights? For me, it represents the stars, and one of them sure are angels. Most important are the gifts, gifts gives out the feeling of being remembered, the real essence of Christmas is not in receiving. Why would Santa give out too much effort, to ‘travel’ around the world to give gifts? It’s because, Santa understands what Christmas is. To share it with your love ones, and celebrate Christmas with God’s-given people in our life; our family.

                                   This is not my actual, word to word information on what I did on Christmas. But its my idea, how I view Christmas. Maybe it’s quite explained in like, a kid’s eye view but I want to share it with everyone.


_Rachelle Arco Boterez_



Perfect Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving. It is the most awaited time of the year. It is the moment where I can feel the cheerful and blessed breeze surrounding the air. Excitement is plenty in the ambiance everywhere. Smiles on the faces of families and friends are in their sincerest form. Indeed, you can have the most of your time bonding with your loved ones, making memories with them and at the same time creating ways to make yourself productive at the end.

Actually at first, I’ve got a lot of expectations planned for the upcoming Christmas vacation. But unfortunately, the happenings were not what I predicted to happen. Everything was beyond my expectation.

I spent my Christmas holidays with random unexpected activities. Often times, I just stayed at home, housekeeping and trying to make myself helpful with my parents especially during the food preparations for the “Noche Buena”. Sometimes, I go out bonding together with my circle of friends doing some get-together stuffs. We also sang Christmas carols on some houses around the town. I also participated on some church activities, such as the dance presentation after celebrating the mass before New Year and the dance skit we performed with my fellow YouFrans (Franciscan Youth) during the Parish Family Day celebration.

With these experiences I’ve encountered, I can say that truly “Christmas holds all time together”. Everything was just perfect! Believing that Christ as the center of my life, with my family in front of me, and my friends at my side, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank God for bestowing me such wonderful graces.

-Shania Niñez STEM -A 🙂