Break Time!!

A time to rest and a time to have fun, a time to spend with your family and with yourself, and especially a time with no school! When the Christmas season approaches most of us think of the holidays with no work, no school and no worries. This is one of the most awaited parts of the year wherein we can enjoy life without stress and celebrate the event at the same time. For the past years I’ve had some memorable moments with it and most of it feels like one of the best moments of my life however my Christmas vacation last year was kind of the “not so fun” for others but for me it’s the thing I called my own rest.
After the Christmas party at school I’ve just felt a bit of excitement on what this year’s Christmas holiday has in store for me. The first few days were just like the usual for me, watching tv while playing COC but with a bit of difference. I’ve watched Christmas specials for my favorite TV shows and at the same time enjoyed the new things on COC after the Christmas update and when I got tired I go to sleep worrying nothing but the “Clan Wars” and that’s the time when I already felt like this is really Christmas time. The passing days were just like kind of bit the same because I’m not an “outside person”. I’ve already found my happiness at that time in our house together with my family.
On the 24th we prepared ourselves for the Noche Buena and at night we attended the mass. Because of the mass crowd in the church I’ve been left with no choice but just to stand outside while listening, It’s been my 2nd time doing that and the first was when I’ve been away from home for a Science competition and that time was also on the Christmas holidays but not for me and my coach when I was in the 9th grade. On Christmas day my relatives in our neighborhood celebrated Christmas with some fun activities and my family also joined them but not me though, I’ve just stayed home doing what I do most at that time.On the last days of 2016, I’ve again spent my time watching year end specials for my favorite shows and at the same time reminisce the good and fun times I had that year.
Well my whole vacation would feel just like an ordinary day with just some small differences but yeah, I don’t get bored at all, for me it just feels good when you don’t worry a thing particularly in school. All I just wanted was just a time to take break and relax, though those were the thing I usually think of. Umm.. yeah, my vacation might be not so special or might be like the worse for others but for me it was just enough for me as long as I’ve got no problems and as long as I’m with my family.

-Vincent Bryan C. Mellorin


Christmas Holidays

People decorating their houses with Christmas decors, setting up Christmas trees, presenting gifts for their love ones, preparing scrumptious foods, singing carols, attending midnight mass, letting off fireworks, loud noises of firecrackers, clogged freeways and airports, this is how Christmas looks like. And there is an atmosphere of universal goodwill, which I relish, since during this time of the year, people temporarily forget jealousy, hatred and selfishness, instead they spread love, joy and peace. Families are at their humble hearth, celebrating Christmas, in great merriment and with sincere prayers.

And there’s Santa Claus who’s believed to be distributing gifts to people. He doesn’t come to our house though, not because I’m naughty 😂, but because we do not celebrate Christmas, nor take part on its customs and ceremonies and jump all over the “holiday spirit”. I know this seems unusual to some people, perhaps an aberration to them, and think those days would be boring for me as they read this by now.

During December off-school, I’m stuck at home, for the whole two weeks. Besides, I don’t have anywhere to go to. I’m pretty much happy with it though ☺, at least I’ll find myself with plenty of time to do whatever I want, while others become wrapped up in holiday dramas. As long as I have internet connection and unlimited foods, specially that internet surfing takes up most of my time, by watching movies online, downloading and reading books, posting stuffs on social networking sites and etc. Which is why I sleep during daytime and is wide awake at night 😂. And when I’m bored to death, I take a nap on my precious bed, which offers me comfort, warmth and happiness 💕. At times, my family and I do outdoor activities too that are entirely secular. It’s a perfect time for family gatherings and bonding. I get to spend more time with my family than we usually do during the normal days. And hey! The perks doesn’t here 😍. Christmas bonuses are in the line. And there are numerous discount offers on variety of items, which means you can shop, shop and shop ‘til your heart’s content, that’s if you got plenty of cash or better yet, a credit card. Another victory to be savored 🎊. One more thing is, during the fortnight of the actual day of Christmas, I love window-gazing at the breathtaking fireworks display 🎆, definitely one of my favorite sceneries.

My quick vacation was never as unlucky as some people thought it would be just because we don’t celebrate Christmas. Regardless of how you spend your holidays, it would still be as fun and as special if you spend it with the people you choose to spend them with, be it your family, your close friend, or your other half.


Christmas Break

When say about Christmas holidays first thing comes to our mind is hanging out with friends, celebrating with families, opening gifts and new year’s countdown. All of this seems to be fun. It is a season of family bonding and having fun with friends. That is what we expect to be our Christmas holiday.

My Christmas holidays was a bit fun. I get to celebrate Christmas and new year with my family. Where we go to church, attend the mass and have a Noche Buena and Media Noche. I receive gifts and I like most of them. And we shared fun and laughter with my sibling on new year’s eve. But most of my holiday were boring. I got cough before Christmas then I had a fever on the day on Christmas which makes me to lay on the bed most of the time. All I did when I was on my room was to sleep, check on social media and watch youtube videos and anime. Made me think that I didn’t accomplish anything. Then my cough last for 2 weeks which made me not to be part of the scheduled activities that I was suppose to participate with. But I completed one of my goals that is to watch a whole season of anime in my holiday. It was fun but not what I expected my Christmas break would be.

Phil Jan E. Seron



What is Christmas break? , it last for 2 weeks and 2 days to celebrate , bond and get together with the family on Christmas day and New Year. But it was slightly boring for me. First day of Christmas break I was in Cainta Rizal, Pasig city. There I spent all my Christmas break days on playing DOTA 2, watching TV, going to church,  Eating, sleeping, and sometimes spending time to help on our fruit stand. Every day and once a week I do all that things. I spent my whole day, seconds, minute and hours in just staying in my room, just like a prisoner but not alike a prisoner. Sometimes my parents are mad at me because of staying in the room whole day, but even though if I go out of the room I would do nothing. December 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, I didn’t do anything else but to play DOTA 2. December 25, 2016, it was Christmas day; I woke up like nothing especial would happen my parents are sleeping as well as my younger brother. I never thought of going outside to ask someone to give us gifts, presents or even money, because my Uncles and Aunties will give even though I wouldn’t ask but, one thing I was thinking of is going to MOA (Mall Of Asia) by myself but sadly my parents didn’t agreed on what I would I do so, back to my same business on playing DOTA 2. So Christmas day ended, and New Year’s about to come. Two days after Christmas my dad told me to help on the work in the fruit stand so, I cannot disagree to my dad. Whole day I helped on selling fruits to the costumers. That day I was slightly exhausted, because of people who are buying continuously. Let’s go forward to the day before New Year. That day was so tiring because of the costumers buying fruits of 12 kinds for New Year’s Eve. But it was fun because some of the costumers are kind and can wait patiently some lose their patience easily and some are friendly. When I got home I headed to my room to take a rest that day I didn’t played DOTA 2. After I rest I requested my parent’s that I would go to MOA by myself on January 2, because I help that day they agreed to my request. 12 o’clock in the evening hey said that if you jump on moment you be tall so I hoped that I would be tall even if it’s a few inches, so I jump at my highest and after that I went to sleep. January 2, 2017, I woke up early to get ready and to avoid traffic. I thought that It would be traffic when I go there but luckily it wasn’t. Window shopping and walking are things that I did there but I bought some things, but I didn’t buy foods because of the peoples that are falling in line in the counters, so I thought of buying when I get home. Christmas break is about to end. Even though it was boring it was an AWESOME Christmas/Holiday break.