Empowerment Technology

Today’s generation which is known as the “Millennials” are familiar with the word technology. We use it every time with the help of electricity to make it work. And with the help of internet that has a lot help to us on this generation. The technology are now conquering the entire world. It makes us to do things easier and faster. Sometimes they use it to have fun. But it have a bad effects if it is abuse. The common reason why there are increasing rate of dropouts in school because addiction in computer games.

In empowerment technology it teaches us to know more about technology and how we can use it in a good way to help others. It teaches us more about technology starting from history, parts, the use of it and how to secure it. It focus more on computer with is a device commonly used for technology purpose just like in surfing on the net and making document and usable software. Software that can fix the problem of the world facing right now. The goals of teaching it to student is to nourish young talented student to fully develop their skill in technology, to teach those student to spend their time on technology and using it in a good way to other people rather than wasting your time playing violence video games that can poison mind . This teaches us to be more aware about what is happening around the world and help to solve the cases. Since the youth of today is already controlled by technology. Every time, everywhere and everything that they are doing technology is involve. The empowerment technology is a good thing to be teach to the students it teach them the more uses of technology that we did not know about and it let us see the beautiful things created by  technology.


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