Perfect Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving. It is the most awaited time of the year. It is the moment where I can feel the cheerful and blessed breeze surrounding the air. Excitement is plenty in the ambiance everywhere. Smiles on the faces of families and friends are in their sincerest form. Indeed, you can have the most of your time bonding with your loved ones, making memories with them and at the same time creating ways to make yourself productive at the end.

Actually at first, I’ve got a lot of expectations planned for the upcoming Christmas vacation. But unfortunately, the happenings were not what I predicted to happen. Everything was beyond my expectation.

I spent my Christmas holidays with random unexpected activities. Often times, I just stayed at home, housekeeping and trying to make myself helpful with my parents especially during the food preparations for the “Noche Buena”. Sometimes, I go out bonding together with my circle of friends doing some get-together stuffs. We also sang Christmas carols on some houses around the town. I also participated on some church activities, such as the dance presentation after celebrating the mass before New Year and the dance skit we performed with my fellow YouFrans (Franciscan Youth) during the Parish Family Day celebration.

With these experiences I’ve encountered, I can say that truly “Christmas holds all time together”. Everything was just perfect! Believing that Christ as the center of my life, with my family in front of me, and my friends at my side, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank God for bestowing me such wonderful graces.

-Shania Niñez STEM -A 🙂


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