Christmas to be explained?

                                      Celebrating Christmas was always a chore to me, I mean not that I’m being against it. It’s just that, why celebrate if to you, Christmas is nothing but a holiday to be celebrated?.

                                      Christmas? Christmas to me is not just to put a Christmas tree as a decoration. But that Christmas tree, creates color and is the perfect place to put the star that led the 3 king to where Jesus, our savior, was. It’s also the perfect hide out for presents. What’s with the lights? For me, it represents the stars, and one of them sure are angels. Most important are the gifts, gifts gives out the feeling of being remembered, the real essence of Christmas is not in receiving. Why would Santa give out too much effort, to ‘travel’ around the world to give gifts? It’s because, Santa understands what Christmas is. To share it with your love ones, and celebrate Christmas with God’s-given people in our life; our family.

                                   This is not my actual, word to word information on what I did on Christmas. But its my idea, how I view Christmas. Maybe it’s quite explained in like, a kid’s eye view but I want to share it with everyone.


_Rachelle Arco Boterez_




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