Break Time!!

A time to rest and a time to have fun, a time to spend with your family and with yourself, and especially a time with no school! When the Christmas season approaches most of us think of the holidays with no work, no school and no worries. This is one of the most awaited parts of the year wherein we can enjoy life without stress and celebrate the event at the same time. For the past years I’ve had some memorable moments with it and most of it feels like one of the best moments of my life however my Christmas vacation last year was kind of the “not so fun” for others but for me it’s the thing I called my own rest.
After the Christmas party at school I’ve just felt a bit of excitement on what this year’s Christmas holiday has in store for me. The first few days were just like the usual for me, watching tv while playing COC but with a bit of difference. I’ve watched Christmas specials for my favorite TV shows and at the same time enjoyed the new things on COC after the Christmas update and when I got tired I go to sleep worrying nothing but the “Clan Wars” and that’s the time when I already felt like this is really Christmas time. The passing days were just like kind of bit the same because I’m not an “outside person”. I’ve already found my happiness at that time in our house together with my family.
On the 24th we prepared ourselves for the Noche Buena and at night we attended the mass. Because of the mass crowd in the church I’ve been left with no choice but just to stand outside while listening, It’s been my 2nd time doing that and the first was when I’ve been away from home for a Science competition and that time was also on the Christmas holidays but not for me and my coach when I was in the 9th grade. On Christmas day my relatives in our neighborhood celebrated Christmas with some fun activities and my family also joined them but not me though, I’ve just stayed home doing what I do most at that time.On the last days of 2016, I’ve again spent my time watching year end specials for my favorite shows and at the same time reminisce the good and fun times I had that year.
Well my whole vacation would feel just like an ordinary day with just some small differences but yeah, I don’t get bored at all, for me it just feels good when you don’t worry a thing particularly in school. All I just wanted was just a time to take break and relax, though those were the thing I usually think of. Umm.. yeah, my vacation might be not so special or might be like the worse for others but for me it was just enough for me as long as I’ve got no problems and as long as I’m with my family.

-Vincent Bryan C. Mellorin


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