Christmas Break

When say about Christmas holidays first thing comes to our mind is hanging out with friends, celebrating with families, opening gifts and new year’s countdown. All of this seems to be fun. It is a season of family bonding and having fun with friends. That is what we expect to be our Christmas holiday.

My Christmas holidays was a bit fun. I get to celebrate Christmas and new year with my family. Where we go to church, attend the mass and have a Noche Buena and Media Noche. I receive gifts and I like most of them. And we shared fun and laughter with my sibling on new year’s eve. But most of my holiday were boring. I got cough before Christmas then I had a fever on the day on Christmas which makes me to lay on the bed most of the time. All I did when I was on my room was to sleep, check on social media and watch youtube videos and anime. Made me think that I didn’t accomplish anything. Then my cough last for 2 weeks which made me not to be part of the scheduled activities that I was suppose to participate with. But I completed one of my goals that is to watch a whole season of anime in my holiday. It was fun but not what I expected my Christmas break would be.

Phil Jan E. Seron



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