What is Christmas break? , it last for 2 weeks and 2 days to celebrate , bond and get together with the family on Christmas day and New Year. But it was slightly boring for me. First day of Christmas break I was in Cainta Rizal, Pasig city. There I spent all my Christmas break days on playing DOTA 2, watching TV, going to church,  Eating, sleeping, and sometimes spending time to help on our fruit stand. Every day and once a week I do all that things. I spent my whole day, seconds, minute and hours in just staying in my room, just like a prisoner but not alike a prisoner. Sometimes my parents are mad at me because of staying in the room whole day, but even though if I go out of the room I would do nothing. December 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, I didn’t do anything else but to play DOTA 2. December 25, 2016, it was Christmas day; I woke up like nothing especial would happen my parents are sleeping as well as my younger brother. I never thought of going outside to ask someone to give us gifts, presents or even money, because my Uncles and Aunties will give even though I wouldn’t ask but, one thing I was thinking of is going to MOA (Mall Of Asia) by myself but sadly my parents didn’t agreed on what I would I do so, back to my same business on playing DOTA 2. So Christmas day ended, and New Year’s about to come. Two days after Christmas my dad told me to help on the work in the fruit stand so, I cannot disagree to my dad. Whole day I helped on selling fruits to the costumers. That day I was slightly exhausted, because of people who are buying continuously. Let’s go forward to the day before New Year. That day was so tiring because of the costumers buying fruits of 12 kinds for New Year’s Eve. But it was fun because some of the costumers are kind and can wait patiently some lose their patience easily and some are friendly. When I got home I headed to my room to take a rest that day I didn’t played DOTA 2. After I rest I requested my parent’s that I would go to MOA by myself on January 2, because I help that day they agreed to my request. 12 o’clock in the evening hey said that if you jump on moment you be tall so I hoped that I would be tall even if it’s a few inches, so I jump at my highest and after that I went to sleep. January 2, 2017, I woke up early to get ready and to avoid traffic. I thought that It would be traffic when I go there but luckily it wasn’t. Window shopping and walking are things that I did there but I bought some things, but I didn’t buy foods because of the peoples that are falling in line in the counters, so I thought of buying when I get home. Christmas break is about to end. Even though it was boring it was an AWESOME Christmas/Holiday break.




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